A Reproductive Justice Congregation...

Respects and trusts women.
Promises that women who attend will be free from shame or judgment for their reproductive decisions – including abortion.
Proclaims that access to affordable reproductive health services is a moral and social good.

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What is a Reproductive Justice Congregation?

Too often, churches and congregations – even progressive ones – perpetuate a conspiracy of silence around reproductive health issues, especially abortion. This silence can make women reluctant to share their experiences or reach out for support, for fear of being judged or condemned. The Reproductive Justice Congregation initiative is a first step in bringing these issues out of the shadows.

By meeting a few simple criteria, Just Texas will certify that your congregation is a Reproductive Justice Congregation, which has two important effects:

  1. When members or visitors see the designation, it clearly communicates that your congregation is a safe and welcoming space for people to discuss the complexities of reproductive choices, free from judgment.
  2. As more and more houses of worship across the state join this movement, together we will be a powerful challenge to the broader societal stigma against reproductive health care.

Just as the powerful movement of welcoming-and-affirming congregations continues to make a profound impact on acceptance of the LGBTQ community, our hope is a similar movement, grounded in faithful congregations, will spark a change to the religious conversation around abortion and reproductive health care in Texas.

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How does my congregation join?

First, fill out the form above! A Just Texas staff member will be in touch soon to discuss the next steps.

The process, which primarily focuses on affirming the principles of this program in a public way, can be flexible to fit your own polity and context.

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What is Just Texas?

Just Texas: Faith Voices for Reproductive Justice is a grassroots movement of faith leaders from diverse religious traditions who believe reproductive justice demands respect for individual conscience and religious freedom. We bring a renewed voice of faith in support of policies that improve the reproductive health of Texas women – and we oppose politicians’ attempts to codify a single religious standard that ignores the rich diversity of Texans’ beliefs about reproductive rights.

Just Texas is a project of the Texas Freedom Network and is led by an advisory committee of clergy and religious leaders.

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Just Texas is a project of the Texas Freedom Network.

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