If your faith tells you…

  • Women, not politicians, should be the decision-makers about their reproductive health care, including abortion.
  • Access to comprehensive and affordable reproductive health services is a moral and social good.
  • Laws should not be based on a particular religious belief (even if it is my own).

…then you believe in a Just Texas.

What is Just Texas?

For too long a highly vocal, extremist minority in Texas has claimed to represent the only faith-based position on reproductive rights and choice, attacking policies that ensure safe and legal abortion care and family planning. We believe most Texans of faith disagree.

Just Texas: Faith Voices for Reproductive Justice is a grassroots movement of faith leaders from diverse religious traditions who believe reproductive justice demands respect for individual conscience and religious freedom. We bring a renewed voice of faith in support of policies that improve the reproductive health of Texas women – and we oppose politicians’ attempts to codify a single religious standard that ignores the rich diversity of Texans’ beliefs about reproductive rights.

Our History

When the Texas Legislature passed one of the nation’s most restrictive anti-abortion laws (HB2) in 2013, a core group of pastors, rabbis and other religious leaders across the state began gathering to discuss the urgent need to respond to these attacks from faith-based perspectives.

The group knew many colleagues who supported access to comprehensive reproductive health care, but those voices had been largely absent from the public debate in Texas. These leaders envisioned a faith-based network that would speak to the moral conscience of Texans and state lawmakers on these issues. Just Texas is the realization of that vision – and a call to religious leaders across the state to join together and work for justice.

Just Texas Advisory Committee

  • Rev. Marisol Caballero, Faith Innovation Specialist, Unitarian Universalist Association, Austin
  • Mrs. Bobbie Cohen, State Policy Advocacy Co-chair, National Council of Jewish Women, Houston
  • Rev. Valda Jean Combs, Associate Minister, Brentwood Baptist Church, Houston
  • Rev. Chuck Freeman, Founding Minister, Free Souls Church; Executive Director of the Texas Unitarian Universalist Justice Ministry, Round Rock
  • Rev. Amelia Fulbright, Founding Minister, Labyrinth Progressive Student Ministry at the University of Texas, Austin
  • Rev. Jim Rigby, Senior Pastor, St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, Austin

Affiliations listed for identification purposes only.

Just Texas is a project of the Texas Freedom Network.

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